Dj mixer with headphones at nightclub

3 Tips To Using DJ Headphones As A Microphone While DJing

Have you ever heard of a DJ using their headphones as their microphone while DJing a gig? This is quite common and is a skill that can be learned quickly. In fact, headphones and microphones have similar components such as a diaphragm. In addition, both items will trade vibrations. The biggest difference between the two is that microphones take vibrations from sound and record them whereas headphones vibrate in the diaphragm which creates sound. By the end of this article you will have a better understanding of how to use your headphones as a microphone while performing.

  1. Plug in properly. To be able to use your headphones as a mic, your mixer will need to have a mic input. After you have confirmed that you do have a mic input on your mixer, you will just need to follow a few steps to be successful at your endeavor. Make sure that your headphones are plugged in to the mic input of your mixer.
  2. Mic levels need to be adjusted. After you have plugged your headphones in to the mic input on your mixer, you will want to make a couple of other adjustments. First, turn the mic levels down so that when you talk in to a mic you do not hurt your eardrums. You can then adjust the levels so that you can hear without harming yourself.
  3. Adjust the EQ controls. The last tip to using your headphones as a mic is to adjust the EQ controls so that you can eliminate feedback, buzzing, or other annoying sounds. To make this adjustment, you will want to turn down the lows which will help reduce the loud booming noise of your voice. At the same time you will want to listen for feedback. Feedback may sound like a squeal from the mic. To remedy this, turn off booth monitors so that it doesn’t pick up music or your voice. From there all you have to do is make your announcement and turn off the mic. After, you will want to unplug your headphones and continue playing great tracks like usual.

It is quite simple to use your headphones as a microphone as long as you have the correct equipment, inputs, and patience to learn a new skill. We advise that you practice making announcements and talking over music while at home before you attempt to do so at a performance or event. Spare yourself the embarrassment of trying to figure it out during your show.

As with anything, you will want to make sure that you invest in a great set of headphones that will perform well as a microphone. Contrary to popular belief, not all headphones will perform well as a microphone so you will want to do proper research before purchasing if you need your equipment to work well together. To learn more, has a very good list of great headphones and other DJ equipment items that can help you play and perform better than ever!