Personalized Clothing

4 Instances in life when investing in personalized clothing is imperative

Getting custom made clothing doesn’t really sit well with a lot of people for several reasons. First, it’s often expensive. Second, there’s already an abundance of clothes in the RTW, or ready to wear scene. And third, it takes time to get delivered. You have to go and get measured and wait for the output for days, weeks, and even months. And if you didn’t like it, oh hell can only break loose.

But it doesn’t mean personalized clothing is all that bad. Of course you want to save it for the special occasions in your life. And this article is just about that. Here are 4 special instances in your life where custom-made clothes are a must, read on:

  1. You’re having a baby

Congratulations on having a baby! Parents get ecstatic when a baby is coming to town, and when it comes to baby items, personalized things are just the cutest. Look for the best personalized baby clothes here. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend too much on custom-made items. In fact, you can do the customizing on your own.

How about a knitted cardigan set for your sweet little daughter. Or a plush robe with their names embroidered on it? You can get creative all you want and take inspiration online. From swim trunks, footies, and night gowns, making personalized clothes for your baby is always a sweet and loving gesture.

  1. It’s your wedding!

Of course! Your gown, his suit, everything must be tailor fit. It’s a once in a lifetime occasion that deserves some splurging so spend if you must. There are a lot of benefits to opting for a custom made wedding gown. For one, you get a piece of dress that fits you well and hugs your body comfortably. It’s made specially for you and compliments your figure. You also get to collaborate with the designer and choose a design that you want. This makes your wedding more personal as you become invested in the design process.

Designing your own wedding gown is an exciting experience for any bride. You get full control of the details, how you want it to look. You can even request for the type of fabric to use, including the studs and embellishments. You can go simple and minimalist to elegant and timeless.

  1. There’s a strict dress code

Some special occasions warrant the need for personalized clothing. Got a big dance number coming up and need to get in uniform with your crew? Are you performing in a theatre and the dress code says formal? Is the dress code in your next event too specific? As in glitzy and glamorous canary yellow? Then by all means get a custom made dress. It’s hard to look for ready to wear gowns if the dress code is too tricky. You can try your luck with renting formal wear. Just know that nothing beats the effort and wow factor a custom made gown is going to give you on your walk to that red carpet.

  1. You want to get matchy with your SO

Aww how sweet! A lot of dead-smitten girls insist on wearing matching clothes with their significant other. While it doesn’t excite the boys too much, it still means a lot to the relationship, agreeing to something that may come off as quite silly. But hey, if you choose the design well, your boy is gonna thank you for it. Personalized couple shirts are so easy to get. Any t-shirt printing company can do custom orders for you. The good news is that it’s so affordable too. It’s only going to set you back around $10 to $15 for each shirt so go ahead and indulge. Go on a date and show the world who’s his and hers.