5 Hiking Watches That You Can Wear Every Day

A hiking watch comes in handy when trekking. It’s a sturdy timepiece that helps you to tell time, temperature and direction just to keep you in the loop. A hiking watch is a multi-functional chronometer that is a superb companion when undertaking outdoor sports and traveling.

Knowing the importance of a hiking watch, what makes a good hiking watch? What are the best hiking timepieces available?

The purpose of this article will be to discuss the 5 hiking watches available that you can wear every day.  You may want to own a dynamic watch that’s good for outdoor activities as well as for day-to-day use, read on to find out which make it to our list.

1. Casio Pathfinder

Casio has made timepieces since 1946, and its Pathfinder timepieces are a leading brand in hiking watches. A Watch Report claimed that the Pathfinder watches come with the best mix of features including a thermometer, altimeter, barometer and a compass. Also, the watch is resistant to water, low temperatures, and shock, making it ideal for harsh elements.

Casio has fixated on “going green” by utilizing recycled packaging and solar energy to run the watch.

2. Suunto Core

Suunto often describes their chronometers as wrist computers with diverse features. Among the best hiking timepieces is the Suunto Core. This watch is lightweight and comes with a cozy vented rubber strap. Other features include a compass for navigation, a barometer to foretell weather patterns and an altimeter to establish elevation.

The barometer comprises of a storm alarm that tracks barometric pressure patterns. Other features include a timer, stopwatch, and an alarm. 

3. Tech4o Trail Leader 2

At 51g in weight the Tech4o Trail Leader 2 is, without doubt, a watch owner’s favorite, assuming light is their taste. This watch comes with an easy-to-view face measuring 1 inch in radius. Along with a barometer, a compass and an altimeter, the Trail Leader 2 comprises of; distance and speed function. This function calculates calories, distance, pace, steps, and speed to trail your performance while hiking or workouts.  

The altimeter computes total descent and ascent to display the various changes in elevation. The barometer foretells weather trends and provides current temperature. Its casing is made of stainless steel and safeguards the watch from harsh elements to ensure it lasts for years.  

4. Garmin Fenix

A sturdy and notably featured smartwatch, the Garmin Fenix is a one of a kind hiking watch that uses modern technology making it an ideal partner in your excursions and daily activities. The watch is loaded with features that focus on sports, health, and activities.

This timepiece takes pride in being the smart kind that eases outdoor activities by providing vast amounts of information regarding activities. Loaded with high-end technology and color display the price you pay for this watch is worth every penny.

5. Garmin Epix

The Garmin Epix watch comes with a GPS system. This watch is different and very practical in design. It may not be stylish and alluring as the other watches mentioned in this list, but it’s perhaps the most feature-filled chronometer you’re likely to find.

It comes with a 1.4-inch touch screen, 8 GB internal memory, multi-activity option for swimming, navigation, running, hiking, indoor workouts and connections applications.

The apparent difference to other watches is the high-resolution screen which displays GPS mapping. The Garmin Epix is equipped with features such as a barometer, altimeter, digital compass, thermometer and more.

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