Superhero Costume

5 Tips to dressing as a superhero for your child’s birthday party

Kids love superheroes, and can spend all of their time watching superhero movies, if allowed to do so. Now imagine how happy your kid would be, if you brought them a real-life superhero character for their birthday! That would be awesome, right? Well, before you start thinking about how expensive hiring an actor would be, let’s just remind you that you won’t be hiring anyone. Just take the superhero role yourself! Wondering about how to go about this? Here are 5 tips to dressing like a superhero for your child’s birthday party.

  1. Purchase a superhero costume

The first tip to acting like a superhero for your kid is to dress like one. Find out your kid’s favorite superhero then purchase a befitting costume. They are quite inexpensive and come in different shades and colors. When shopping for superhero costumes, you should check out  It’s one of the best sites to buy superhero costumes since they stock all types of costumes, and sell them at very affordable prices.

  1. Paint your face with superhero images

When looking to treat your child to a superhero birthday, you should have the complete superhero look from top to bottom. That’s why on top of wearing the costume, paint your face to give a mirror image of your kid’s superhero. In fact, do it in such a way that they can’t tell if it’s you from a distance. This element of mystery will make your kid’s superhero birthday even more interesting and memorable.

  1. Have one of your buddies dress up as a villain superhero

In most superhero movies, the hero usually has to fight against a villain, who is out to ruin society. Mimicking such a scenario can make the party quite interesting to your kid and their friends. The best way to achieve this is to have your friend dress exactly like a villain to your kid’s superhero, then have them ambush the party.  This is guaranteed to fascinate the kids since might only be expecting to see the superhero, especially if you had already themed the venue around a specific superhero comic character.

  1. Buy a costume that matches your body type

Kids are used to superheroes having a specific body type. For instance, kids know superman as lean and masculine. If your kid loves superman and you are plus size, buy a costume that is made of compression materials to help you look like the real superman that they know. This will fascinate the kids since they will conjure up an image similar to what they see on television.

  1. Ask a kid friend to help you dress like a superhero

No matter how much you think you know about superheroes, you can’t match the kids. They have better ideas than you, since they interact more with superhero stuff more than you do. That’s why to dress like the perfect superhero, ask a kid, probably one of your child’s friends, to help you out. Their advice will help you pull off the perfect superhero look for your kid’s birthday. Try this today, and give you little munchkins the perfect birthday party! They will appreciate it more than you can ever imagine.