Horse Racing

5 Tips To Enjoying Your First Horse Race

If you have never been to a horse race, you are in for a treat. If you have ever watched the Kentucky Derby on the television, you know that a horse race can be a place to mingle with the rich and famous. While this may be the case with big races like the Derby or the Preakness, it is not necessarily going to be like that at every race you go to. Some races are more casual while others are sophisticated and require fancy apparel. No matter what type of race you are going to, we have some tips for you so that you can enjoy your first race to the fullest.

  1. Dress appropriately. Before you go to your first race, try to figure out what kind of clothing you should wear. If you are going to the Derby, you will want to wear a fancy dress with a unique hat. If you are going to a local horse race, casual clothing will be just fine. It is best to look in to this detail before you go to the race as you could be disappointed if you were turned away because you didn’t dress according the dress code.

  2. Learn how to spot a winning horse. Read your program. It may appear to be a boring read but it actually will provide you with a great deal of information pertaining to all of the horses that will be racing that day. This will help you determine what you perceive to be the best horse. A good rule to follow is that a horse who has a betting odds of 2 to 1 is already favored to win.

  3. Place your first bet. This is where the race gets fun. The opportunity to put down a few dollars for the potential to win some money can really be quite a rush. The first thing to do is pick the horse or horses that you think are going to win their match. After that you will need to learn about todays horse racing cards so that you can place your bet appropriately. Be sure to read up on the slang betting terms and what each type of bet means. This will ensure that you make a reasonable bet with all the information that you need so as to not waste your money.

  4. What happens after a race? After the race, jockeys are interviewed in the “winner’s area” and you can likely get a glimpse at them. If you believe that your horse won the race, listen intently for the announcement that the jockey has been “weighed in” as this means that the jockey’s weight was checked to make sure that there was no cheating taking place during the race.

  5. Plan your next race. Horse racing can be a lot of fun and it can be an activity that you will likely want to go to again. If you find that you had a great time and you are interested in going to another race, look online as there are often races going on at all times. If you are not in an area that has horse races, you can always watch them at your local casino.