How dark art can actually be positive

Most people know dark arts to be associated with some form of black magic and take it as a negative thing. This is however not the case. Dark art is a form of art that is very different from other common mediums of art. Another form of art similar to dark art is surreal art. Artists that specialize in dark art normally express and convey their thoughts in a strange, but impressive way. The artwork in itself displays beautiful and magnificent positive aspects of life. The work of dark art, artists like James Picard is life-changing. Below is how these artists’ dark art can have a positive effect on the viewer.

Color combination

Colors have a lot of effect on the overall impression and message portrayed in most pieces of art.  Coors all around us has an impact on our reactions, affecting how we feel. They can awaken or cool down certain moods as well as pass on a message to the viewer. The different colors used in artwork can either be cool or warm colors. Cool colors include colors like blue, which has a warm and calming effect as well as a positive effect on the health since it has been known to lower heart rate and reduce appetite.

Warm colors like yellow, red and orange tend to trigger hunger. Yellow has an effect on emotions ranging from happiness to violence. Red causes excitement for most viewers, making them happy which improves the overall mood of a person and atmosphere surrounding him or her. Various color combinations can be used in the dark art to enhance the environment and send a message.

Positive emotions

Dark art can cause emotional basic stimulus responses that have adverse effects on one’s health and mental growth. The emotions caused can result in positive reactions such as an increase in positive emotions and reduced stress, negative emotions, and anxiety levels


Dark arts is a great way to improve your child’s development. If your kids have a passion for art, dark art can be used to encourage them to be more creative enabling them to easily express themselves through creative art. This can be an important tool in nurturing their talent, which can turn into a promising and successful career. Creativity opens the mind to new things and innovations which has both physical benefits and is also good for your mental health. This, in turn, leads to happiness and fulfillment.

Visual Learning

Kids learn from what they see and dark art can be a great way of developing their drawing or sculpting skills. They can easily understand what they see from pictures and drawings. Just like any other form of art, dark art can be used to teach students how to interpret what they see and make decisions out of it. The work of a dark art artist can send a  particular message that can be interpreted in the reality and bring hope and happiness. For example, a piece of dark art that shows a flower in a stormy weather and dry area signifies that one can overcome adverse conditions.

Dark art can be inspirational and motivational to your life, teaching you something new and bring you happiness and great positivity in your life.