The World Of Comics. History

Comics are everywhere and are a big part of our lives. From Mickey Mouse to Hellboy and Spiderman, we love them all, but where did all this begin and went as far as video games? Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the origin of comics!

The first comic ever is considered to be The Glasgow Looking Glass and it was released in 1826. With it out in the world, the comic world began expanding with comic strips being created from then on. Although the comics we know today came to life only in the 1920s when The Funnies was published (1929).

During the 1930s, there had been a huge development with the Funnies being the center of the new style comics, colored, with covers and, of course, the heroes. In case you were wondering, in 1938/9, Superman and Batman came to life and never stopped to amaze us since then. Further developments in technology allowed these adventures to go to the radio and have so many families listen to them daily. To them, modern day & age was exactly this – listening to the stories about their favorite superheroes instead of watching movies or visit like we do today.

Post war, the industry had experienced a fall in sales, understandably. The 1960s was when a brighter future looked possible. Conventions were the new rage of the time and this created more and more popularity for the comics. A fun fact of the decade is that our beloved X-men were not popular then and got to the spotlight only in the 70s. According to many, however, the 80s was the best creative decade with the best works ever written in that time, like Watchmen and Daredevil, also known as the Iron Age. One of the most prominent comic-book writers is Stan Lee who created some of the universally beloved characters like Iron Man and Hawkeye.

Nowadays, the comics industry is mainly run by DC and Marvel, with Disney’s Mickey Mouse suffering a decline in fame. While all of them began their lives as parts of larger names in the 1930s, now we see these prevailingOn the website of both DC and Marvel, we can even see that the classics are all there existing as the pillars of what we have today.

Through the years, with technology skyrocketing and new inventions making our lives easier, comics grew along. From the simple comic strips to movies, video games, and board games, we can say with great confidence that we have a lot to be happy about. More specifically, we have seen a great deal of superhero movies with all kinds of characters, adding today a vast variety of female heroes to be appraised by the public. We surely cannot wait to see what is waiting for us in the future!