2 Chainz really likes dogs, but would he actually drop 100 stacks on a puppy? Maybe—if it knows how to bathe and feed itself and it’ll live forever. See what happens when the rapper visits a bulldog breeder who charges top dollar for premium pups. A french bulldog becomes the latest addition to the roster of 2 Chainz dogs. Check out the latest episode of 2 Chainz Most Expensivest Shit where he visits Houdini House in Los Angeles:

2 Chainz Dog

What kind of dog does 2 Chainz have?

2 Chainz has a few different dogs at home. A bulldog named Trappy is his personal favorite. He also has a french bulldog that goes by the name of Frenchie. 2 Chainz also has a pet chihuahua.

How much did 2 Chainz pay for his dog Trappy?

2 Chainz can spend a lot of cash on dogs. His dog Trappy cost him around $100,000. Check out the clip above for all the details.

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