The most important thing before choosing any piece of furniture is to determine whether it may complement your layout or not. The Eileen Gray Daybed is an inherently large product and if you’re searching for good ideas on featuring it in your homes, here are 5 to get you started:

1. For those with small spaces

Eileen Gray Daybed

The conundrum of small spaces has become a globalized phenomenon, but designers all around the world are always delivering clever ways to use luxury furniture items such as the Eileen Gray Daybed. The layout featured in this image is one such example where the daybed has been stylishly half-hidden behind a small wall. The tail end that is visible in the opening also features an eclectic backdrop of dissimilar furniture items, colorful book spines, and an intellectual theme, which makes the small space feel like a high end hotel suite.

2. Making the most of a plain wall

Eileen Gray Daybed

If you’ve got a plain wall that could use an interesting foreground, then the Eileen Gray Daybed would be the perfect choice of furniture for the job. The modern ambiance featured in this image uses the same concept. The plain white wall has been embellished by setting up the Eileen Gray Daybed with some accompanying accessories to breathe life into an otherwise bland space. The stark modernity and clean design of the daybed makes this wall-to-wall layout feel so much more interesting with its charisma.

3. For niches and alcoves

Eileen Gray Daybed

If you’ve got any distinguishable niche or alcove in your home layout, then furnishing it with the Eileen Gray Daybed is definitely an excellent option. One thing to note here is that you must make sure that the size of your alcove must complement the size of the daybed, or the whole situation might become totally moot. The example featured in this image is definitely something you can recreate in your own homes, where the presence of the Eileen Gray Daybed is everything that you need to make the surroundings feel wholesome. 

4. The typical living room formation

The conventional living room layout is one that consists of a coffee table that is surrounded on three sides by seating. You can definitely have fun with this set-up and make it your own by furnishing with the Eileen Gray Daybed. If you take a look at this image, you’ll see how the black and chrome visual virtuosity of this table takes center stage and feels exceptionally appealing with the periphery of modern accent chairs. The glass coffee table and animal print area rug are just the cherry on top.

5. As a freestanding piece

Eileen Gray Daybed

You can definitely use the Eileen Gray Daybed as a standalone piece in your home interiors. It could either be set up in a large foyer, entrance lobby, bedroom, or even a dining area. The trick is to ensure that it feels like it’s part of a freestanding layout. This image features a great example of such a layout where only the daybed reigns supreme.

You can always test out your creativity and customize your spaces according to your needs. The Eileen Gray Daybed is definitely versatile enough to complement them all.

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