Did you know that the average person spends $161 on clothes every month? 

So many people across the U.S., and the world, are investing in their personal wardrobe. Though buying stylish and trendy clothing items is a great starting point, it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

Fashionable accessories are an essential part of anyone’s closet. These staple fashion items can bring the most basic outfit from boring to head-turning! 

Do you want to bring your own personal fashion style to the next level? Here are the five most important fashion accessories that will improve your style. 

1. Functional and Fashionable Watches

Wearing a watch can be the perfect way to incorporate a functional yet fashionable accessory into your outfits.

Watches come in many different styles, so the options are endless. A Citizen watch can make any outfit feel elegant and professional. If you’re heading to a meeting, a nice dinner, or just have an upscale personal style, one of these watches may be your best bet.

Watches are not limited to dress accessories, however. You can wear a watch that is fun and colorful, or muted and minimalist. Either way, a watch is a great way to elevate the appearance of any outfit. 

2. Luxury Bags and Purses

Purses and bags are another great way to combine function and fashion. 

A luxury handbag can add a wow factor to any outfit. Not only will a luxury purse be high quality, but it can add a fashionable element to anyone’s wardrobe. 

A statement piece, such as this Coach crossbody bag, is the perfect way to add a fun and energetic feeling to any ensemble. Or, if you’re looking for a bag that’s a bit more casual and understated, a tote may be just the accessory for you. 

Bags can be both women’s and men’s accessories. A leather crossbody bag can be a great way to add a formal yet functional element to your professional attire. Or, if you’re looking for something more active, this water-resistant backpack can be a great addition to your activewear collection. 

3. Scarves and Neckties

Scarves are not limited to wintertime and can add a pop of color or an interesting pattern to any outfit. These trendy accessories are being touted by celebrities and fashion icons alike, and are a simple way to add to any outfit. 

silk necktie is an easy way to dress up your clothes. Or, if your outfit has primarily neutral colors, a silk scarf or necktie can add flare to your daily wear. 

These neckties work well as men’s accessories, too. These neck accessories can add something unique to a plain suit. Or, neckties can even add an interesting and creative element to a casual t-shirt. 

4. Rings For Men and Women

Men’s and women’s outfits can be largely improved by wearing a ring. Some people have wedding or engagement bands that they wear daily, but ring use doesn’t have to end there. 

This titanium ring is the perfect men’s accessory that can add an interesting element to any outfit, casual or formal. Bold pieces like this one are the perfect way to express your own individual style. 

Rings stacks, statement rings, or simple single-stone rings are other great ways to accessorize any women’s outfit, too. Wearing one large ring or multiple rings is a trendy way to add to any ensemble.

5. Belts Are Important Fashion Accessories

Belts also have a functional element, but they are also great ways to bring your own personal style to the forefront. 

This statement belt from Zara can be a much-needed accessory for a women’s dress. A statement belt buckle is also a great men’s accessory and can make an ordinary pair of pants become a fashion statement. 

Bring Your Own Style To Any Outfit

Accessories are the perfect way to incorporate your own personal style into any outfit. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece, or something more understated, these five important fashion accessories are a surefire way to bring your style to the next level. 

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