The global art market is worth over $50 billion, with $11.7 billion of that market devoted to Chinese art. There’s a good reason why 18% of global art sales involve a form of Chinese art.

It’s because Chinese culture has produced some incredible and unique works of art.

Are you interested in learning what makes this type of art so special and captivating? Read on to learn about five different types of Chinese art.

1. Modern and Archaic Jades

While cultures in the west traditionally covet gold, Chinese cultures have coveted Jade. This precious stone represents so much to both the ancient and modern-day Chinese. It represents goodness, wisdom, justice, and beauty.

It’s no surprise, then, that this valued stone gets used in countless ways including works of art. Carved jade art spans across the centuries. It’s found in most Chinese art collections, including the gallery at

2. Traditional Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is such a beautiful art form that it’s one of the most popular tattoo choices. In China, calligraphers don’t use markers or pens. Instead, they use the finest animal hair to create gorgeous works of art using their language.

This art form is so respected that it’s often taken as an extracurricular in school. It’s also common to find calligraphy art along the walls of a traditional Chinese house.

3. Paper Cutting

There’s little doubt that you attempted to make a paper snowflake in primary school. First, you folded your paper a few times. Then, you made a few cuts. Once the paper was re-opened, you had a unique and glorious snowflake.

What you likely didn’t know is that this technique comes from traditional China. The art technique is way more complicated than making a snowflake, though! Popular templates include the phoenix, dragons, and tigers.

4. Gu Kaizhi Silk Painting

The peoples of Ancient China were the first to discover silk and start crafting with it. This incredible inventive product eventually became the buzz of the ancient world. It’s a huge reason why the Silk Road got established.

It’s no surprise that the Chinese started to use silk in art, too. Gu Kaizhi grew famous by creating paintings with silk and polychrome. His unique way of making eyes has become iconic across the globe.

5. Shadow Puppet Art

Shadow puppet shows have been popular in China for centuries. It’s one of the oldest motion picture forms of storytelling, and it involves a lot of crafting. It’s still popular, too! Just take a look at the success of the 1994 movie ‘To Live’.

Types of Chinese Art

These types of Chinese art are all unique and awe-inspiring. It’s amazing how a simple piece of art can convey so much about a person’s culture, inspiration, and life. We hope that learning more about the Chinese traditions has inspired the artist in you!

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