The Ted Baker NYC brand is one of the most iconic of modern times, merging British design with international appeal. Despite its status as one of the leading luxury fashion companies in the world, there are some interesting facts about Ted Baker that the general public may not know. Now in existence for more than 30 years, the image of the company and the team behind it are piquing the interest of the fashion community.

1. There Is No Ted Baker, Here. Repeat! There is no Ted Baker Here!

Some say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the same can be said of characterization as well, with the name Ted Baker completely devised from the brainchild behind the brand. Ray Kelvin is the Londoner that imbued his unique sense of style and panache into a character that lives and breathes off of rebellion, passion, and a mischievous streak. Ted Baker may not be a real person, but Ray Kelvin is as closer to the real fake thing than anyone else in the world. A name that popped up in one of his conversations years ago has become an icon in the fashion sphere. 

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2. Ted Baker Began With Shirts and Became a Global Empire

As the founder and CEO of Ted Baker, Ray Kelvin began his career in earnest with the launch of his first store in Glasgow in March 1988. The success of his first retail store led to the opening of stores in Manchester, Nottingham, and finally throughout London and beyond. Now more than a quarter of a century later, the Ted Baker NYC brand is one that encompasses several lanes in the fashion business.

3. Ted Baker Has a Firm Stance of Never Using Real Fur

There are many brands that have changed their position on whether or not to use real fur in their garments and advertising campaigns, but Ted Baker has stood firm and only use the by-products of any skins and hides used in the meat industry. The stance has yielded strong support from people within the fashion community and the world at large. 

4. Ted Baker and the 7 Year Itch

Even the best brands have stagnant years, and Ted Baker NYC was no difference, with the first seven the most difficult for the company as the team behind it strategized on how to best spread their sense of luxury style throughout the fashion world. From personally stocking stores in several cities through the UK to save on transport costs to creating signature shirts that became a fashion must-have, the Ted Baker turnaround story via Ray Kelvin is considered by many to be one of the most respected in the current landscape of British fashion.

ted baker nyc

5. Ted Baker Is Still Expanding

The Ted Baker brand is known throughout the United States, China, and Australia, but in the near future, the company has announced plans to open stores in Turkey and Russia. The company is also launching a new website to generate new growth internationally and further market the brand to prospective new consumers.

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