Golf is a game that many people think is slow to follow, sometimes even boring, but when you play, you know that it is far from those things. Many people don’t realize that golf is a game of strategy and preciseness, that it involves not only the body but also a lot of concentration.

When you are starting out, you shouldn’t be worrying about being perfect. Instead, it would help if you focused on learning the game and what equipment is best for you to use. With this comes finding the best golf shoes for you, whether that be the traditional spiked golf shoe or the more recent spikeless golf shoes.

The Classic Spiked Golf Shoe

Golfers’ shoes have been spiked for almost as long as the game has been around. This is because of the softness of the grass on a golf course and the wanting for traction when playing. Spiked shoes give you more stability when you are swinging; however, it also has a lot to do with the course you are playing.

These shoes do offer comfort along with being water-resistant, having good breathability, and traction. You can also make a couple of choices with these shoes, such as rubber spikes or metal spikes? Many pros swear by spiked golf shoes as they feel no matter the condition of the course, they will have good stability with their classic spiked shoes – no matter if it is wet and mushy or dry and hard ground.

The New Spikeless Golf Shoe

Shoes for golfing have come a long way, and the best advantage of the newer spikeless golf shoes is being able to go from the 18th hole straight to the 19th – without having to switch shoes. Although called spikeless, they do still have rubber studding on the bottom for grip.

These shoes are more so designed for comfort and style, rather than spiked shoes designed for the game. These shoes come with soles that are much more comfortable and can help with the back pain that comes with playing golf (if you are not using the correct posture). The downside of these new golf shoes is the loss of the stability you get from the classic spiked shoes, and they usually are not waterproof.

Waterproofing may not seem like that big of a deal to a new golfer, but you will understand why a waterproofed shoe is a significant investment as you gain more experience. Most days, you will play in great conditions; however, if you hit a ball off into the rough, this will usually come with long, wet grass.

The Best Golf Shoes

When it comes down to it, the best golf shoes will depend on your own choice. If you want to win this crystal golf trophy, though, go with the classic spiked golf shoe. This shoe will give you the stability you will need being a new golfer, as well you won’t be getting your feet wet throughout the game with their waterproofing.

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