The most common tone of white in Stockholm houses and apartments has a little but of a mix between eggshell and grey in it. Not much, but just enough to break down the whiteness and tone it down a little bit. That shade of white is widely know as Stockholm White, or Stockholmsvitt. And that is where you have your base when it comes to decorating your home. You picture all your walls in Stockholmsvitt, and then you start to add details. A wallpaper here, and some colors there. Just as you normally go about planning what to wear. Stockholmsvitt is always very easy to match into whatever you feel like wearing. It is a staple color, and you can never have enough white sneakers to choose from in your closet, and you always realize that every spring.


The Sneakersnstuff x adidas Stan Smith “Shades of White” features a clean and simple look. Stan Smith has already proven to be a true classic, and perhaps the most iconic sneaker of all times. We did not want to change much on such a classic, so we decided to just tone down the classic white color to Stockholmsvitt. Upper all in soft premium nubuck to give a little more feeling to the shoe, and the pink signature Sneakersnstuff x adidas “Shades of White” innersole with the map of Stockholm printed on it. Lining on the inside of the shoe in the same super soft premium nubuck will add on to a more premium feeling to this classic shoe.

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The Sneakersnstuff x adidas Superstar “Shades of White” comes with a hackley woven upper to form a very nice texture to it. And as Adidas are celebrating Adidas Superstars 40th celebration we are very happy to be able to include these in this SMU collection. The lining is in premium soft leather, and we have also added leather on the tongue. Topped of with the Sneakersnstuff x adidas “Shades of White” pink signature innersole featuring a tonal printed map of Stockholm City, our home and base of Sneakersnstuff. We wanted to celebrate adidas Superstars 40th anniversary by keeping it simple and classic, but also add something unique.

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The Sneakersnstuff x adidas Tubular “Shades of White” comes in all white. Well, all Stockholmsvitt that is. The innersole has the signature map of the pack, and has a toned down pink color as the rest of the shoes in the “Shades of White” pack. As the Adidas Tubular heirs from Y-3’s modern classic “adidas Quasa” you might not even realize that the tubular sole is actually inspired from the running shoe Adidas Tubular that was a very high tech running shoe in the 90’s. The Sneakersnstuff x adidas Tubular “Shades of White” has an upper all in neoprene, making it very comfortable. A few welded overlays here and there to give the support you need. The lining is coated in stretchy PU keeping the extreme comfort of the Adidas Tubular all the way.


The adidas Originals “Shades of White” pack that is exclusive for Sneakersnstuff drops February 25th at all Sneakersnstuff stores and online at

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