Much like Northamptonshire is to England, Massachusetts is the home of shoemaking in the USA, with the state, New England in particular, once the home of a plethora of skilled shoemakers.

One of New England’s longest standing shoemakers, Alden have seen their industry change and grow drastically in their 130 year history but have managed to maintain their dedication to their craft with a range of much-loved, timeless silhouettes.

Still run by the Alden family and still utilising the shoemaking expertise of their native New England, the Alden Shoe Company continue to produce some of the finest American footwear money can buy.

Alden returns for the new season with a selection of new designs such as the Crepe Sole Plain Toe Boot, fresh re-workings of old favourites like Dark Burgundy Cordovan rendition of the classic Longwing Blucher and collection staples typified none more so than the iconic Indy Boot.

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