ASKET is a Swedish menswear brand that delivers wardrobe essentials that are built to last the test of time. The garments are designed to last for a long time both in terms of style and function. ASKET clothing follows the classic minimalist philosophy that “Less is more”. The brand hopes you will reduce your wardrobe to utilize essential items that are built for everyday wear. They are working to craft the perfect sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans, and other staples. Check out the ASKET review below for a closer look at the brand.

What does ASKET mean?

ASKET is a Swedish word meaning “a person who does without extravagance and abundance”.

A fitting brand name that captures everything the company represents.


ASKET t-shirts are probably their most loved essential. The tees offer a perfect fit using premium fabrics. This is a t-shirt that will never go out of style. They even offer a small selection of garment care products. Use their stain remover, detergent, and softener to ensure your t-shirts stay fresh.

ASKET Review

ASKET offers a welcome change to sizing. The hoodie is offered in short, regular, and long lengths to ensure a perfect fit. For taller and shorter individuals the length customization is very useful. They use premium midweight fabric: 390 GSM organic cotton loopback. The hoodie is available in a zip or pullover option in Dark Navy, Dusty Green, or Black.

ASKET was recently featured in Forbes as a “Brand To Know”. You may want to take a look at reddit ASKET to get additional reviews from subreddits like r/malefashionadvice.

ASKET Hoodie
ASKET The Hoodie in Dark Navy – 90 EUR at
ASKET Clothing

Invest in some valuable essentials for transitional weather this fall. Use the ASKET review above to help guide your decision. The ASKET showroom is currently closed, so your best bet is to visit their online store. Shop menswear essentials online at

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