NBA Players really should avoid the microphone. This classic gem released in 1994 hosted by Bobbito Garcia features tracks by ballers like Shaq, Jason Kidd, Gary Payton, JR Rider, Cedric Ceballos, and Brian Shaw. Click on the image to visit AllMusic for a sample of each track. Still looking for a full version. This album was the foundation for Allen Iverson short-lived rap career.


Track listing

  1. “Hip Hop Basketball Genie”- :48
  2. “Check It”- 4:07 (Dana Barros)
  3. “Lost in the Sauce”- 4:57 (Malik Sealy)
  4. “Mic Check 1-2”- 3:45 (Shaquille O’Neal and Ill Al Skratch)
  5. “Earl the Goat”- :34
  6. “Flow On”- 4:03 (Cedric Ceballos and Warren G)
  7. “Anything Can Happen”- 5:03 (Brian Shaw)
  8. “Sumptin’ to Groove To”- 3:21 (Chris Mills)
  9. “From the Bay to L.A.”- 1:14 (Sway & King Tech)
  10. “What the Kidd Didd”- 3:52 (Jason Kidd and Money-B)
  11. “Funk in the Trunk”- 4:17 (J.R. Rider)
  12. “Phat Swoosh”- :55
  13. “All Night Party”- 3:47 (Dennis Scott)
  14. “Livin’ Legal and Large”- 3:54 (Gary Payton)
  15. “D.J. S and S Represents”- 1:18
  16. “Ya Don’t Stop”- 4:42 (Dana BarrosCedric CeballosGrand PubaSadat XAG and Diamond D)
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