Bespoke Post recently sent over one of their boxes containing a melton wool cap, mason jar mugs, and some hot chocolate. Bespoke Post scours the world for time-tested, small-batch, or otherwise remarkable gear. You can order individual products or receive the boxes on a subscription basis. Look for the Brim Box online now exclusively at

Mason Jar Mugs by Gotham Textile

We took a wide mouth 16oz mason jar — a handy addition to any kitchen or desk — and added a drum-dried, waterproof leather wrap with a handle that’s custom made for us here in the US. Take it on a fall foliage camping trip, keep it around the house for your morning cup, or stow it at the office for a daily drip of caffeine. Or if you want to pack it for your commute, pour your drink and screw on the top to turn it into a travel mug.

brim-cup-koozie-1 Square copy

Melton Wool Cap by Quitin Co.

These US-made caps are stitched up with high grade, hard-wearing melton wool (an extra durable and wind-resistant weave) plus a sturdy leather adjustable band, taking the whole thing miles beyond the versions from your Little League days. Pull it on with a reliable denim jacket, a heavy gauge sweater, or a tweed blazer and a tee — anything shy of a suit, really — and you’ll be ready to face any autumn day.

brim-hat-grey-3 copy

Spicy Hot Chocolate by Marie Belle

A classic cold weather drink, but with a big kick. Marie Belle’s hot chocolate blends are crazy good to begin with thanks to super high quality pure chocolate from the whole bean (true to the original Aztec tradition). So no knockoff cocoa powder — just single origin South American cacao beans, distilled into a delicious blend. This version uses a hit of chipotle Ancho chili, cinnamon, and nutmeg to bring things to the next level.


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