Black Wolf has created a simple and effective skincare line for men. We put together a Black Wolf Nation review to give an in-depth look at the brand. Their range of body washes and scrubs provides a reasonably priced skincare option for men everywhere. A simple skincare routine can help improve any man’s personal style. The company was founded by brothers Sam and Alex Lewkowict. Black Wolf creates all their products in the USA.

Black Wolf Nation Review

The company has unique products designed specifically for dry or oily skin. Oily skin and dry skin require completely different formulations for skincare product to be effective. Go with something that matches your skin’s profile. They have numerous products that work great on dry skin. The body scrub is recommended to loosen up dead skin cells. BWN is one of the few Made in America skincare brands for men. Black Wolf proudly stands behind their products. They even offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your order. You can check out over two thousands Black Wolf Nation reviews from real customers here. It’s safe to say 4.8/5 isn’t too shabby of a rating.

black wolf nation face mask
Charcoal Face Mask – $20 at

Black Wolf Nation Body Wash Review

Finally a body wash that is worth the money. The activated charcoal body wash actually does work. Imagine that, a product that does what it’s supposed to do. Lather up to feel so fresh and so clean. The body wash cleanses while leaving your skin with zero irritation. Cruelty and paraben-free. The wash provides a nice blue sage and citrus scent. Grab the 3-pack of Black Wolf Nation body wash if you are looking to stock up.

charcoal body wash
Charcoal Body Wash – $21 at

Black Wolf Nation Discount Code

You can always sign up for the Black Wolf newsletter to receive 15% off your first order. Orders over $20 receive free shipping, and orders over $60 receive a free toiletry bag. If you don’t know what to choose, take a look at the blackout bundle. You’ll get a face wash, face scrub, face mask, moisturizer, body wash, body scrub, and eye gel. Basically the bundle has everything you need to get started for men’s skincare. Look good and feel good. Go ahead and use your Black Wolf Nation discount code online now at

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