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Crisp Culture takes a look at upcoming streetwear brands and artists in the Brand Profile series. The first Brand Profile is on Rolling Like Thunder out of Hawaii. Check out the interview with them below:

Where and when was your brand created?
Rolling Like Thunder was established in Spring of 2012 in Hawaii
What was the first item your ever designed?
The Speak Thunder design with the mic!  I’ve always loved the way Mc’s spit out their complex lyrics with wordplay and meaning.
How did you get started?
I think it started with inspiration from so many people in Hawaii and guys like East 3 of Rock Steady Crew and Slick they really paved a way for Hip Hop in Hawaii and beyond.
It was a collective of friends that believed in me that made Rolling Like Thunder possible to launch.
Where can people buy your clothing?
As of right now, you can find Rolling Like Thunder on Kazbah.com and on our own website rollinglikethunder.com  we have many other online and brick and mortar shops that we will be approaching this Spring.
What’s coming up for your brand in the future?
Currently, we want to focus on getting our brand out there.  Great guys like rapper Cash Lewis and Pro skater Terell Robinson have been really cool about supporting our brand.  Big ups!  Visibility is so important to us right now and just as much as content in which we want to explore in different ways with our designs and collaborations.  Also,  there is a possibility in the near future for a girls line that we’re kicking around at the moment.
Where can people follow you online?
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rolling-Like-Thunder/156601044452302
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rollnlikethundr
Tumblr: http://rollinglikethunderbrand.tumblr.com/
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/Rollnlikethundr/
Last Words…
I believe that Hip Hop is one of the greatest cultures in the world.  It inspires creativity and progression, constantly evolving yet at the same time, the roots remain steadfast.
So many different races and cultures have contributed to make it what it is today and tomorrow it’s inspirational.
And a big mahalo to you guys for giving us this great opportunity!

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