Crisp Culture was recently able to link up with the team at Vancouver-based online streetwear store YoungCrowns. The site has a great selection of goods from up and coming streetwear brands from across North America. YoungCrowns.com is the spot to find independent streetwear brands online. Crisp Culture fans can use code CRISP at the checkout for 15% off your entire order.

How did you get started?

When I was doing my research I found that there wasn’t a one stop shop for independent streetwear brands. A lot of these brands were forced to sell through their own sites, social media or traditional events like tradeshows. We wanted to create a community were brands could showcase their gear and give the consumers access to the hottest fashions from around the world.

What is the Royalty Team all about?

We created the Royalty Team for a few reasons. The first being we wanted to create a network were people who could rep YC. We would get tons of emails from people asking to be brand ambassadors or wanting free gear, so we created the team as a way for people to be a part of the company. The second reason for the Royalty Team was to give our customers a chance to receive discounts. If you know a rep you get access to an automatic 10% off merchandise, we understand that sometimes its expensive to look good but we wanted to make sure that everyone got a chance to rock some of brands gear. Finally the last reason is I am entrepreneur and I wanted to create an opportunity for the reps to make some cash on the side. We aren’t wanting people to quit their jobs buts its a great chance to market themselves through social media and earn some gear.

Top picks on Young Crowns right now?

Right now the top picks would be:


What’s coming up for YoungCrowns in the future?

We are pretty excited about the future, we are looking at adding some new brands, growing the Royalty team, working with some pro athletes and we are launching a full line in 2014.


Where and when was your brand created?

YoungCrowns was born in a basement in Vancouver the summer of 2012. We started doing research on the latest independent clothing brands and started building great relationships with them, we then started to create a site which would showcase each brand accordingly. We are very happy with the growth of not just YoungCrowns but every brand we carry.

What was the first item your ever designed?

The first item that YoungCrowns designed is the Limited edition Crown proof t shirt.

Where can people follow you online?

People can follow YoungCrowns on twitter, Facebook, Instagram.



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