Representing the merging of two kindred spirits, the C.C. Filson AW14 collection was designed in partnership with END. stalwart and renowned outerwear aficionado Nigel Cabourn.

Inspired in part by a vintage Filson Cruiser Jacket Cabourn picked up in a thrift shop in Japan, the collection borrows the name of Filson’s founding father and looks to create clothing that pays homage to their celebrated history whilst incorporating contemporary functionality.

Utilising an incredibly hard wearing selection of fabrics, from 16oz paraffin waxed cotton to 18oz Seattle wool, combined with Filson’s seasoned manufacturing expertise, this is a collection of outerwear designed to last and last and last.

A man with a unqiue insight into the world of outerwear, whether it be from his 40 plus years in the industry, his personal archive of over 4000 vintage pieces or even his location right here in the cold, wet and windy North East of England, Nigel Cabourn has brought his incredible knowledge to the table throughout every aspect of the design.

Thanks to this, yoke’s are strengthened with extra tough reinforcing layers, overcoats are kitted out with utilitarian pocket set ups and archive inspired brass military clasps are deployed alongside military grade melamine buttons in order to keep everything in place across an incredible collection of weather defeating outerwear.

Look for the C.C. Filson by Nigel Cabourn AW14 collection online now at


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