Nails is the third chapter in the Sport The Unusual creative platform. Featuring the brand’s largest global brand partner, Cardi B, and also a few of our most iconic goods, that would be the Club C, in an unexpected circumstance. The Cardi B Reebok collaboration brings iconic retro fashion back in style.

An internationally-respected performer, mother and Grammy award winner, Cardi B is known for her outspoken personality, her willingness with her lovers, and her flamboyant style. Part of that iconic fashion comprises intricately detailed, vibrant fingernails. Cardi B has emerged in a number of other advertising before, but always in a rather expected manner — like a glamorous celebrity cameo. Nails treats Cardi B at a completely different manner by placing her in a normal situation, at a local beauty salon, casually chatting slang with another patron. The movie then takes something anticipated concerning Cardi B, her claws, and does something totally unexpected.

Reebok Cardi B
Reebok Cardi B Apparel

Nails includes the Club C, a sneaker that has had its own unexpected journey to become a star. Originally launched at the’80s as a performance tennis shoe, the Club C has now surpassed its operational origins to become a standard of contemporary fashion. In addition to this Club C, the film includes the Vector Unisex Crew! The collection also features Reebok t-shirts with retro nail salon artwork.

Following up on the 2018 Reebok collaboration with Lil Yachty. The Reebok photo shoot captures Cardi B in a 90’s style nail salon wearing a chunky Reebok sweatsuit and silver glitter nails.

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