Josh Brubaker, Global Design Director at Supra Footwear, recently released an independent footwear line along with his brother Brandon Brubaker. The first set of releases from Clear Weather Brand have a clean look and familiar design. Classic style, smart design, and timeless colorways appear to be Clear Weather Brand’s recipe for success.

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For years we have talked about coming together to start a company that mimics our lifestyle. With age we’ve realized that we are not static, we change and evolve. It has become our ambition to create a brand that is free to reflect that movement. After two decades of working for some of the biggest footwear companies in the industry, we bring you clear weather. Our mission is to bring true design and craftmanship to the masses. unique, vintage inspired products with a futuristic feel. A brand that reflects us as we grow and expand as individuals. Premium products at an accesssible price.


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