New York-based footwear connoisseurs Common Projects are firm favourite with their simplistic minimalist design, unsurpassed construction and high-end luxury finish.

The brainchild of designers Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami, Common Projects have been carrying out a quiet revolution on the world of footwear design since 2004, gaining cult status thanks to their ability to offer a level of quality that is arguably unrivaled and their rigid dedication to utilitarian design.

Their minimalist designs are enhanced by the use of premium calf leather and Italian craftsmanship whilst their ever-growing array of silhouettes take style cues from some of the footwear world’s more technical styles, for example the Achilles Low and Tournament silhouettes take direct inspiration from classic tennis shoes.

These classically finished sneakers have been reappropriated in a range of Women’s iterations, taking the stylish silhouettes and applying the somewhat feminine touch. The Achilles Low have gained a futuristic metallic application as well as a pink suede variation whilst other styles have been keep unnervingly monochromatic.

Rounding off the drop is a phalanx of traditional footwear styles based on bootmaker classics, all of which have the signature code branding to the rear panel. Taking the Derby Shoe and Chelsea Boot as a basis, the designers have intelligently applied their recognisable stamp with the use of luxe leathers and fervent appreciation of the styles provenance and history.

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