Forging a unique vision that boasts innovation that has gained traction in a competitive market, Ellison Sunglasses is a brand that has made great inroads in only a few years. Since launching in 2014 by entrepreneur Aristotle Loumis, the brand has become a darling in the fashion sunglasses community, currently offering more than 70 types of designer shades that have changed the game via price points that make luxury accessories more affordable for the average consumer. 

Loumis first became interested in starting his own line after  teaming up with business partner Ravi Patel and plotting to claim a piece of the $100 billion pie. Their united front, paired with a premium product and impressive marketing captivated an audience that was eager to purchase sunglasses that retail between $120 and $180, far lower than most brands that dominate the market at the moment. 

ellison sunglasses

Ellison takes its name from Elios, the Greek word for sun, with only 16 employees helping the company generate nearly a quarter of a million dollars for the Greek economy. In a short amount of time, Ellison has become synonymous with high fashion, excellent quality, and the utmost in quality and style. What wearers love most about their line is the attention to detail for each pair in their collection. Made from Italian components, one of the main reasons the company has achieved such overwhelming success across the board is their decision to replace sunglasses for buyers if they lose a pair. Each pair of Ellison sunglasses boasts 5 barrel stainless steel hinges for added durability, integrity, and comfort, featuring screws coated with Teflon that blocks and secures thread components so that loose nuts and screws are no longer an issue. Other features worth noting include:

Real Rivets Pins – providing structural integrity, the rivets not only enhance the frames and temples, but they also bring a touch of flair to Ellison designs.

CR-39 Polarized Lenses – users don’t have to worry about the quality of the lenses with Ellison products as they offer superior optics that provide superior optics that hold color beautifully, blocking 100% of ultraviolet rays to ensure optimal support to the retinas. 

Bluetech – the glasses Ellison produces come with a trademarket Bluetech lens that is one of a kind, protecting wearers against 99% of the dangerous lights that users face on a daily basis. 

Ellison has a slew of stellar sunglasses in their collection, with the following some of the most popular ones currently available from their line. 

Alexis Sunglasses

ellison sunglasses

For those sunglass wearers that prefer a bit of nostalgia, the Alexis offer striking colors, a lightweight feel, and a double bridge that ensures comfort while wearing throughout the day. With their stainless steel frame, rubber tips, carbon fiver front,  and nylon lenses, they are considered instant classics that transcend an era. 

Hugo Sunglasses

ellison sunglasses

These glasses are noted for their sleek design, premium production qualities, and overall aesthetic. Perfect for day or night, they are versatile enough for wearers to indulge them across all seasons and occasions. 

Laurence Sunglasses

ellison sunglasses

Working under the mantra that refinement is a trait that defies extinction, the Laurence sunglasses are refined and understated, making them the perfect complement to make an entrance that is a statement impossible to ignore. Featuring frames made of stainless steel, carbon fiber front, and nylon lenses, craftsmanship and quality are evident from any angle on these impressive and wildly popular glasses from their collection. 

For those that are searching to improve their sense of style and stress their individuality, Ellison has a coterie of sunglasses that complement everyone and every lifestyle. 

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