As a former railroad conductor, CC Filson developed a real love of the outdoors. Channeling this passion alongside an entrepreneurial spirit inherited from his father, an inspired Filson moved from his native Nebraska to Seattle in 1897 and founded a company which now has a stronghold in American culture.

Filson’s move coincided with the Great Klondike Gold Rush and owning a clothing mill didn’t do the intrepid businessman any harm at all. Producing Mackinhaw clothing for spirited gold miners looking for functional, hard-wearing clothing and footwear tailoring to their specific needs, word eventually got out and the Filson brand was born.

From gold miners to hunters, fisherman and engineers, the brand developed clothing which became a necessity for the hardworking American public. This necessity still stands today and Filson produce some of the best functional outdoorwear on the planet, boasting proudly with their company slogan, ‘Better Outdoor Clothing’.

Autumn/Winter 2014 sees this entrusted apparel hit END. for the first time, complementing the brand’s longstanding luggage range. The collection sees classic pieces such as waxed jacket, namely the Tin Cruiser Jacket and Cover Cloth Mile Marker Coat, add a strong dose of functionality to proceedings whilst more relaxed pieces like the Wool Shirt and Light Work Vest could work seamlessly with any workwear ensemble.

The Autumn/Winter 2014 collection is now available online at


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