A brand that has sat on shoulders of multiple generations, hopping from subculture to subculture, defining and owning a look and style that can only be described as ‘British’, Gloverall have reserved themselves a spot in annals of fashion history.

Poignantly, Gloverall’s chief inspiration was taken directly from a piece of clothing worn during World War I which they have since made their own; the Duffle Coat. Worn by Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery during The Great War, the duffle coat steadily rose to prominence during the 20th Century with Gloverall’s rendition seen as the best example of this style.

Famed for two classic outerwear pieces, Gloverall have barely changed their methods of production or design in over 60 years after originally reproducing purchased surplus military supply from World War II.

The first piece is the classic Duffle Coat, constructed using a heavy fabric of blended wool and polyester, the coat is defined by its toggle fastening and reinforced shoulders which were seen as the ideal for keeping the temperamental British weather out, something it still succeeds at to this very day.

The second coat is a considered reinterpretation of the famed Duffle. Named the ‘Monty’ after the heroic Field Marshall, the coat featured an extra toggle to the front with leather fastening replacing the signature jute rope of the original. Shortened in length to give a more dynamic, modern edge to the piece, the Monty went on to be worn by everyone including Beatniks, politicians and even children’s TV characters.

An archetypal brand in its own right, the Gloverall Autumn/Winter 2014 collection is now online at EndClothing.co.uk.


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