As much as anything in any sport, the setup, stance, and swing of golf is the main ingredient to success. A common mistake a lot of golfers make is that they pay attention to having a perfect swing but forget the simplest aspect of the pre-shot process.

Teeing the golf ball up! How high you tee the ball can affect the distance, slope, and ultimately, the success rate, of your drives off the tee.

Here’s a definitive guide on golf tee height to get the most out of your swing and to post your best score on any course.

Perfect Golf Tee Height

In most cases, the perfect golf tee height can be found easily by using the same club you will typically be teeing off with: your driver. You can measure your teed-up ball with your driver to make sure you are on the mark before you begin the hole.

Take the driver, and rest it on the ground next to your teed up ball. The driver should be facing the ball in the position it would be in if you were swinging at the ball. For the best height, make sure the ball is halfway above the rested driver.

You can also align the bottom edge of the ball with the exact middle of the face of the driver. If you tee the ball up too high, you may miss connecting with the ball on the face of the driver, and instead hit it off the top of the driver. This is a huge error.

How Far to Plant the Tee?

Remember, for tee shots on a par three hole or shorter tee shots, you may select an iron, wood, or hybrid club. Don’t go with the driver measurement with these clubs. You may be wondering how far to actually plunge the tee into the ground of the tee box.

If the weather is bad, that could be a factor to shade towards teeing the ball up slightly lower to avoid wind altering your drive. Be careful to avoid the tee breaking in altered or adverse terrain.

For the sturdiest tees that rarely break, try plastic tees. The optimal option for your game is these best plastic golf tees, easily found online.

Teed Ball Meets Your Stance

In golf, a drive is a different type of swing. You are swinging to lift the ball up, not swinging down on the golf ball like you would with irons or wedges.

After you have your ball teed up the right way, you will need to continue to have a keen eye for the rest of your setup before your drive. Make sure you align your stance around your teed-up golf ball in the correct manner.

Play Your Best Golf

Golfers should ultimately do what is best and most comfortable for them and their swing in order to shoot their best score. But golf tee height is one area where there is a general consensus among golfing experts.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques throughout your swing and pre-swing setup, such as changing it up with long-lasting plastic tees.

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