The market is full of countless jewelry stores both walk-in jewelry stores as well as online stores. Most jewelry stores have long, never-ending display cases which can be confusing. While you can choose from one of the chain stores in your area, the prices tend to vary. With jewelry, it can be tricky to settle on a piece based on a low budget. This is because most of the time, a lower price compromises the quality.

Though you can read online reviews to get honest feedback from previous customers about the different jewelry stores, there are several other ways to find the best jewelry store in your area. Here’s how to find the best jewelry store in your area.

Certified professionals on staff

Your number one jewelry store should be one that has professional staff. Check the jeweler’s credentials for certifications. From the jeweler, store manager and sales associate all should be highly skilled. Master IJO (Independent Jewelers Organization) Jeweler includes an elite group of retailers who are members of a jeweler’s organization. Members get to receive benefits like expert training; allowing them to update skills; knowledge and experience to enable you to make a wise and confident jewelry purchase. Get a uniquely crafted jewelry piece at a jewelry store with jewelry professionals who are ready to help.

Jeweler’s reputation

The jewelry store has to be well-established with a positive reputation. You can either ask a friend, colleague or family for a recommendation. Visit the store if you can to see how they address clients. This will inform you how they support their communities and establish friendships with their clients.

Jewelry source

Jewelry stores get their jewelry from different sources which include artisan jewelers, estate jewelers and popular jewelry designers. Artisan jewelers only sell the jewelry they make in their stores which are hand-made pieces made individually. Their pieces are uniquely made using unique materials, such as pearls, beads, non-precious metals, and seashells among others.

Estate jewelers collect jewelry from estate sales. They then resell the jewelry to customers or jewelry stores for profit once they have restored and cleaned it at a jewelry store. Popular jewelry designers are among the most popular makers of jewelry. Some sell collections of jewelry pieces from manufacturers and other designers.

Warranties and protection

A jewelry store should offer all customers a warranty to protect the goods they purchase. These can cover products that you buy from the jeweler’s for a certain timeframe. Some also offer policies that help you protect your investment. The warranties fall into three categories, lifetime warranties that will guarantee the jewelry for its life.

There is also jewelry insurance that utilizes a policy offered by some companies to protect your jewelry in case something happens to it. The policy will reimburse you for some of the cost. The third is the limited time guarantee offered by most jewelers that give you a certain amount of time for a jeweler to either replace or restore a broken or tarnished jewelry piece.

Purchasing jewelry can be quite expensive and you need to visit various jewelry stores before settling on a piece. No matter which jewelry store you choose to visit, ensure that you’re comfortable with what they are offering and it’s what you’re looking for.

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