Having difficulty planning what to wear for a party or formal event?

Picking a suit is the beginning but to complete your look, you also have to learn how to wear jewelry. You can’t ignore men’s jewelry because even a single ring or bracelet can make or break your outfit. 

Not sure where to start? Don’t panic — we’re here to help. Read our guide below to pick up crucial jewelry tips you can start implementing today:

Men’s Watches

When it comes to jewelry for men, watches don’t often enter the discussion. Watches have a functional purpose, which is why some consider them plain accessories more than jewelry. However, they still affect your outfit and the best ones cost a lot. 

You can keep things casual by wearing leather straps.

Watches become luxury jewelry when you utilize metal straps. Those types of expensive watches go well with black tie events. You can get away with leather straps depending on the material and style, however.

Bracelets: Less is More

Women who wear jewelry will often focus on the following: rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

For men, however, you have to practice caution when it comes to bracelets. You don’t want them to look too extravagant or showy. Focus on bracelets that look like a natural extension of your attire.

The goal regarding men’s bracelets is to make your outfit look fuller and complete. You don’t want the bracelet to distract from your overall attire. You can find a few great choices at https://www.badassjewelry.com/collections/badass-bracelets.

Match Your Metals

A lot of people don’t know how to wear jewelry because of the abundance of options. One key aspect to make things simple is to match your metals.

Gold, for example, can appear light or dark yellow. Don’t pair it with too many gemstones and other types of metal. Make sure your gold jewelry share a similar tint too. 

Silver, however, could be the best jewelry for men. It carries a neutral tint, being gray and easy to blend. You can pair silver rings or a silver watch with a black and white suit or with casual attire.

Choose Cufflinks Carefully

Cufflinks aren’t as common as they once were. However, if you intend on wearing jewelry that gives off a formal, professional look then you should wear cufflinks. Reserve cufflinks for black tie events and other formal gatherings so you can maintain a look of power and wealth. 

You can still wear cufflinks during casual events but steer clear from the formal, plain metals like silver and gold. This is when you can use cufflinks with decorative designs. You can also focus on cufflinks with commemorative meaning, like cufflinks that signify the event you attend or a social movement.

Now You Know How to Wear Jewelry

Learning how to wear jewelry isn’t too difficult once you understand the basics. It’s about pairing the right metals with your outfit, choosing when to don a bracelet, and carefully wearing cufflinks and watches. With careful planning, you can look astonishing with your jewelry.

Of course, these aren’t the only jewelry tips you should check out. For more helpful guides, we invite you to continue checking out our library of guides and posts here, today!

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