Jason Markk vs. Reshoevn8r (which one is the top sneaker cleaner). We’re on a mission to find the best sneaker cleaning products out there. Want to keep your white on white Air Force 1s looking fresh? Check out the reviews below to find out what is the best shoe cleaner on the market.

Jason Markk Review

Pros: Jason Markk has a reputation as the best shoe cleaner. The OG sneaker cleaning product. The sneaker cleaning brush is high quality and works very well to get rid of dirt that builds up in a hard to reach areas. Using Jason Markk premium shoe cleaner will have your shoes looking so fresh and so clean.

Cons: Jason Markk shoe cleaner is the priciest option out there. You can find cheaper shoe cleaners if you are working with a tight budget.

Pro Tip: Check out Jason Markk Repel. The weatherproof coating can be sprayed all over your shoes to protect from the elements. Easily repel liquids and spills from messing out your kicks.

Where To Buy Jason Markk?

Jason Markk shoe cleaner kit
Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner Travel Kit | $25 at amazon.com

Reshoevn8r Review

Pros: Reshoevn8r does a great overall job of cleaning your sneakers. The laundry machine method of cleaning is super effective. The Reshoevn8r kit gives you everything you need to get started. Reshoevn8r Defender is their version of the Jason Markk Repel spray (both work products are very effective!).

Cons: The sneaker brush is a little less solid than the Jason Markk version. The cleaning solution has a really strong odor that gets annoying after a while.

Pro Tip: Use the Reshoevn8r sneaker laundry bag with a cleaning pod. Throw your kicks in the laundry and watch them come out as good as new.

Where To Buy Reshoevn8r?

Reshoevn8r Sneaker Laundry Bag | $23.99 at amazon.com

Check out the full range of Reshoevn8r products online at amazon.com.

Sneaker Lab Review

Pros: Sneaker Lab provides a great value all-in-one kit. No harmful chemicals. Odor Protector works great!

Cons: The brush isn’t great. You will need to use different brushes to get a complete clean. The cleaner also doesn’t seem too effective on suede. Small bottles of cleaner, you will need to restock after cleaning about 5-6 pairs of kicks.

Where To Buy Sneaker Lab?

sneaker lab cleaning kit
Sneaker Lab Premium Shoe Cleaner Kit | $22.99 at amazon.com

Crep Protect Review

Pros: The Crep Protect Ultimate Sneaker Care Pack is the best kit out there. Gives you everything you need to clean at least 12 pairs of sneakers. The cleaning solution is made of 98% natural ingredients, so you won’t get any chemical smells when you cleaning your shoes. Crep Protect Spray is highly rated on Amazon, and might just be the best repellent spray out on the market.

Cons: All of the Crep Protect products are a little pricey. Doesn’t work well on suede shoes or boots. You will need a suede specific cleaner for your blue suede shoes.

Where To Buy Crep Protect?

crep protect sneaker cleaning kit
Crep Protect Travel Kit | $18 at amazon.com

Take a look at the full selection of Crep Protect cleaning products online at amazon.com.

Jason Markk vs. Reshoevn8r

The Verdict: Jason Markk is still the best sneaker cleaning product around. You can get better value by using different brands or simple cleaning products from around the house, but if you don’t mind spending a little extra… then go with Jason Markk. If you’re really hurting for cash, dish soap and a toothbrush provide a comparable cleaning experience to all of the sneaker cleaning products listed above.

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