Presenting the complete Kevin Durant sneaker timeline. KD is one the biggest athletes in the sports world. Kevin Durant has been with Nike since his early days growing up in Washington to his time at the University of Texas. After being drafted second overall in the 2007 NBA Draft by the Seattle Supersonics, Durant signed a seven year $60 million dollar endorsement deal with Nike. The deal with Nike was rumoured to be $10 million less than competitors Adidas were offering. His first signature sneaker was released in 2009 after the Seattle Supersonics moved to Oklahoma City to become the Thunder.

Nike KD I

The Nike KD I is Kevin Durant’s first signature shoe. It was originally released in 2009, with a retail price of $88. The sneaker was released at a more affordable price point than offer signature Nike sneakers. The KD I was originally released in OKC home and away colorways, but eventually saw further releases. You can find deadstock of the Nike KD I on eBay for between $150-200.  nike-kevin-durant-kd1-preview-2

Nike KD II

The Nike KD II didn’t stray too far away from the original KD1 design. The KD II was released  in Durant’s third season back in 2010. Nike kept the approach of making Durant’s sneaker a value shoe with a retail price of $85.



The Nike KD III was originally released in 2011 during Durant’s fourth season. The KD III started to evolve with the low cut we are now used to from Kevin Durant signature shoes. The KD III also saw unique colorways that pushed Durant’s sneaker style forward. The Nike KD III came with a retail price of $88. You can still find the Nike KD III in limited numbers online at eBay.


Nike KD IV

The Nike KD IV was originally released in 2012. Kevin Durant was fresh off another great season as scoring champ and about to join Team USA in Beijing to win a gold medal. The shoe is truly unique and original. The low cut with the velcro strap across the top was a new look for basketball sneakers. The KD IV was the first Durant shoe to hit the Nike iD custom machine. The price tag rose a little to $95. The KD IV included some great limited edition releases including the ‘What the KD’, ‘Scoring Title’, and the ‘Weatherman’.


Nike KD V

The Nike KD V was originally released on December 8th 2012. The KD V took away the velcro strap, and went back to a high-top sneaker. The KD V was more affordable than Kobe and Lebron’s signature Nike shoes, but had a retail price of $115. There was also a low version of the KD V released as the Nike KD V Elite. The Nike KD V had some great colorways including the ‘Aunt Pearl’, ‘Hulk’, ‘Black History Month’, and ‘What the KD V’.


Nike KD VI

The most recent release from Kevin Durant and Nike dropped on July 3rd, 2013. The Nike KD VI looks great and goes back to the cool unique style we are now used to from KD. The Nike KD VI also is one of the best customizable sneakers to ever hit Nike iD. The shoe has similarities to the KD IV, and also resembles a soccer shoe with the laces tilted to the side. Durant went to Twitter (@KDTrey5) to preview the great colorways set to release for the KD VI sneakers. The price point jumped again to $130. It’s funny to look back at the progression from the KD I at $85 to the KD VI at $130. The design and style have definitely improved from the first Kevin Durant signature shoe in 2009 to the latest release in 2013. Nike Basketball do a great job at reflecting Durant’s personality and style into his signature apparel and shoes.


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