Have you been looking to buy a Le Corbusier LC2 chair for a long time? It is one of the most popular products in the collection launched by Cassia in their Masters collection. The motive of the product’s designer behind launching this product was to give a classy armchair that can provide comfortable seating. In this post, we will tell you about this chair in detail and review all its important perspective.


Let’s first talk about the history of the LC chair in detail. This collection was launched almost a century ago in 1928 and become the fan favorite within a year. It designed in a partnership between Pierre Jeanneret, Le Corbusier, and Charlotte Perriand. Earlier, the main designer Le Corbusier was mainly involved in urban planning and modern architecture work. However, he starts furniture designing after getting influenced by Charlotte Perriand. Corbusier becomes successful in using the architectural philosophy on furniture designing so that all the needs of clients related to rest can be catered.


The LC2 chair review can’t be completed without mentioned its features in detail.  The external frame of this item manufactured using top-grade polished tubular steel that ensures it lasts for a long time. Now, we will talk about the features of this equipment in detail below:

  • Replaceable nylon webbing

As we have already explained, there is a highly polished & top-notch quality tubular stainless steel frame added on the external part of the chair. There is a chrome finish added to provide extra protection to this furniture item. On top of that, there is a nylon webbing added to ensure comfortable seating. You can replace it whenever needed according to the convenience.

  • Cushioning

This chair manufactured in such a way that cushions are added on all four sides. It has been added with a motive to offer complete support to the body parts. All of them are upholstered in hard-quality leather that available in many different colors like tobacco, graphite, dark brown, anthracite, white, and chocolate.

  • Custom made

This chair is completely custom made that take almost 8 to 12 weeks. It is available in three different styles and each one manufactured using different materials like aniline, vintage, and top grain.

  • Hand-sewn leather

The manufacturer has used high-quality & genuine leather on the LC2 chair. It is completely hand-sewn and piped that provide a completely different look.


lc2 chair

What are the pros of the LC2 Chair?

There is an immense benefit offered by this superb chair to the users. It is important that you should be aware of them before investing money in this product. We have explained them below:

  • There is a very outstanding comfort and relaxed sitting offered by this chair. It also satisfies the physiological requirements of the body along with catering the aesthetic stability in mind.
  • It is an evergreen product that has loose charm even after nine decades of launch. This chair has remained fresh in the buyers of all the ages.
  • When compared with the other similar chairs, the price of this product is very reasonable. You don’t have to put too pressure on the pocket for having comfort offered by the LC2 chair.
  • As we have already explained, there is stainless steel used for manufacturing the frame of this chair. It is completely resistant against the corrosion and can be maintained easily as you can repair the steel frame with hand polishing.
  • The foam used on this chair is completely environment-friendly and safer for the body. Many European and American laboratories test it.

Are there any cons associated with the LC2 chair?

Finding a negative in such a product isn’t an easier task. However, our team has done solid research and become successful in identifying one. We have explained them in detail below:

  • The corner frame construction might be an issue for some people. The company has manufactured them using bent tubing in a 90˚ angle. There are some negative reviews about it, but the numbers aren’t satisfying.

Important facts

There are plenty of amazing facts about the LC2 chair that we want to share with our readers. We have written about each one below:

  • The company has also added an identical twin of this chair which named as LC3. It has a similar design, but the previous one scaled more compactly. One can easily distinguish between them.
  • Despite being almost a century old, this chair is still in production. It sold under the brand Cassia in their Masters collection.


You have received all the information about the LC 2 chair in detail reading our post. We believe that now you understand how amazing this chair is. If you want to feel comfortable and relaxed, then order this chair now.

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