Over the years, men’s clothing styles have changed. By using a few professional tips, you can also change your fashion to the most current trends. Jasper Holland Co deals with the latest brand and fashion trends for the modern man. One can get ideas from their collection. Following a few guidelines will also help you to dress appropriately. Dressing appropriately for work is important as it helps to reflect well on your career hence enhancing your chances of climbing the career ladder fast. You do not need to spend a fortune on upgrading your wardrobe. You can get classy and high-quality casual and official wear from reputable brands at an affordable price.

Here are a few men’s clothing styles for work

1.    Professional business look

When you pull a business professional look, you are sending a message to your colleagues, clients, and the employer about your efficiency, potential, and ambitions. For a man to showcase this look, he needs a two-piece suit or three-piece suit for a very formal occasion, collared and well-pressed shirt, and a tie. You should also invest in a designer and classy looking shoe that should be well polished to match the attire. Finally, one should also add some accessories including a nice pair of cufflinks, a belt, and a watch. Remember to choose the right fabric for the suit and the shirt.  

2.    Casual look

Some IT office departments in various organizations dress casually. On some occasions or some days, employees are allowed to dress casually. Make it look classy and fashionable by following the tips below. The basics include denim jeans, casual T-shirts, and sneakers. Shorts, knitwear, and hoodie are also part of casual wear. When choosing casual wear for the office, you need to balance between your style, individuality, and comfort. Look around for comfy and stylish outfits from various brands to identify your style.

3.    Smart casual

If you want to adopt a style that helps you express yourself and a sense of style at work, you should opt for smart casual. Some of the essential items for smart-casual are a pair of denim jeans or chinos pants, a blazer, and a classic shirt from a renowned brand. A pair of quality leather shoes or sneakers will enhance the smart casual look. 

4.    Cocktail attire

In business or at the workplace, you are likely to be invited to a cocktail for business meetings or celebrations. Remember the details of your dress code to a cocktail is what matters most. The safest bet when dressing for a cocktail party is a black-tie dress code. You will not go wrong with a bowtie, dress shoes, and some nice accessories.

5.    Business casual style         

Choosing the right business casual style will depend on the industry you work in. Those in banking, marketing, or IT firms will dress differently when it comes to a business casual look. But basics include a classy shirt, Polo shirt, and casual T-shirt especially, for industries that do not require strict formal wear.

Tips to get men’s clothing right

·         Know your goals

Before dressing for the office, it is good to know the goal. Some people dress for comfort, to honor special functions in the office, or just air some assurance that you love and care for your job. Knowing the goal will form the backbone of your dress code.

·         Consistency

After you identify your professional, casual, or business look for every day to work, ensure that you maintain consistency. You should shop for attires based on the consistency you wish to create.

·         Invest in timeless dress items.

For those items that you need to wear on most occasions, you should invest some money in getting classic and high-quality items. The watch, a good pair of a suit, and impressive official shoes are some of the items you need to invest in.

·         Foundations for your style

Every man should have outfits of neutral colors that include black, white, navy, and tan among others. It is also good to have outfits for various weather conditions. With the basics in place, one may now invest in other luxurious and bold fabrics to elevate their style.

The brand also matters a lot. Opt for brands that have a variety of outfits, good quality, and timeless fashion sense. You may review some of the latest and high-quality brands for menswear online. A good brand should offer high quality, variety, and classy items at affordable prices. Look out for reputable brands launching new outfits. Remember to also wear the right fit, choose the right colors, and accessorize depending on the occasion.

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