Nike is set to link up with Parisian streetwear brand Pigalle to create the PPP Collection (Pain O ChoKolat, PIGALLE Paris, Pompon). The collection includes two versions of the Nike Air Force 1, along with tank tops, shorts, a hat, and a basketball. Pigalle have deep roots in the Paris basketball scene, so they wanted to create an authentic collection that would represent what they wear on the court. The Nike x Pigalle Air Force 1 sneakers have an aged-look that makes them appear like they have been well used on the court. Pigalle founding member, Stephane Ashpool describes his personal connection to the Nike Air Force 1:

“I like the fact the AF1 was released the year I was born —1982.  I love the little details like that. I wanted to take the shoe and bring it to life. When you put the shoe on you see the story, so I wanted to relate the patina, the way of dyeing and the texture together so it has the feeling of life.”

Look for the Nike x Pigalle PPP Collection online at and on April 26th.



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