British fashion designer Kim Jones spends nearly as much time in the air as he does on the earth. He’s recently touched down in the Greek Isles; Shima, Japan; and New York City — his next stops include Komodo Island, Indonesia, to see its famous dragons, and lesser-known areas of China. Travel is also the well-trodden wellspring of inspiration for the disruptive streetwear-meets-sportswear style that has defined and cemented his eminent industry reputation. But Jones’ travel, like his designs, stretches beyond conventional classification. It includes expeditions through eras, images and memories, which in Jones’ case include East London (his hometown and the site of his first Nike connection) and his fashion archives, populated with over 500 pairs of sneakers. It is a conceptual collage of these various journeys that informs the NikeLab x Kim Jones: Packable Sport Style collection, which is also influenced by anticipating travel to Rio and the complementary items an athlete might pack for an effortless trip.

“I wanted to use Nike technology so we found something old and made it into something that was very new.”

– Kim Jones

The NikeLab x Kim Jones: Packable Sport Style Collection will be available on July 23rd at

NikeLab x Kim Jones

Nike Kim Jones

NikeLab x Kim Jones

NikeLab Kim Jones Packable Collection

NikeLab Kim Jones

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