Jean Touitou’s A.P.C. and Tyler Haney’s Outdoor Voices recently launched their first collaborative effort. Touitou hopes to bring A.P.C.’s timeless aesthetic to activewear in this partnership between the two brands. The initial collection entitled A.P.C.O.V., is a reflection of the design methodology shared by A.P.C. and Outdoor Voices. A.P.C.O.V. is technical apparel for recreation– uniforms rooted in material and simplicity for everyday play.

A.P.C. x Outdoor Voices

Positioning wise, we outwardly oppose traditional activewear brands.

– Tyler Haney (Outdoor Voices)

The A.P.C. x Outdoor Voices ‘A.P.C.O.V.’ Collection is available now at

Take a closer look at ‘A.P.C.O.V.’ below, as Hamilton cast-mates Sasha and Ephraim highlight both performance and fashion through movement.

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