Pair Of Thieves Undershirts

Super soft and cozy. The perfect undershirt for everyday use. No worries if you wear these tees as an outer shirt. Sneaky performance with their SuperSoft breathable fabric that features 4-way stretch. No more itching. Pair of Thieves took away those annoying tags that scratch your neck on most undershirts. These tees are tag-free, so you can stay comfortable. Backed by the Pair of Thieves “No Regrets Guarantee”. If you don’t love these undershirts, you’ll get your money back. The amazing Pair of Thieves Undershirt is made from a blend of fabrics. Each shirt contains 60% cotton (to keep things soft), 36% viscose (a lightweight fabric), and 4% spandex for stretch.

Pair Of Thieves Undershirt
Pair of Thieves Undershirts – $13 at

Pair Of Thieves Sweatpants

Cool and comfy sweatpants for all your lounging needs. Everyone is spending a lot of time at home nowadays, so owning loungewear is key. The sweatpants feature front and back pockets for your phone, wallet, keys, and anything else you need to take with you should you decide to venture beyond the mailbox. The Pair of Thieves Off-Duty sweatpants are constructed with flat-lock seams to avoid chafing, and make sure you look cool. Match these bad boys up with a Pair of Thieves Undershirt and you’re ready for lounging on the sofa all day. Stock up and get free expedited shipping on all orders over $50.

Pair Of Thieves Sweatpants
Pair of Thieves Off-Duty French Terry Sweatpants – $64 at

Pair Of Thieves Long Sleeve Shirts

Feel fresh and comfy in these long sleeve tees. Wear them in the sheets or in the streets. A basic long sleeve crew neck t-shirt that’s ready for everything. The long sleeve crewnecks are built with reinforced seams, so they won’t fall apart after 2-3 washes (unlike some other brands). Pair of Thieves uses a cotton + viscose blend to make their long sleeve shirts are supremely breathable. The tees feature 4-way stretch that allows you to move around, it’s almost like you’re wearing nothing at all… nothing at all. So soft, yet so perfect.

Pair Of Thieves Long Sleeve Shirts
Pair of Thieves Long Sleeve Shirts 2 Pack – $39 at

Pair Of Thieves No Show Socks

Someone has finally perfected the no-show sock. Pair of Thieves founder Cash Warren apparently received help from his wife Jessica Alba when testing out the no-show socks. These socks stretch to fit you perfectly. They also stay on and don’t slip due to the heel + toe grips. As an added bonus the Pair of Thieves No-Show Socks are super comfy and very breathable. FYI – Pair of Thieves donates over 250,000 pairs of socks each year to charity. If you grab a pair of socks from their “Whiteout/Blackout” collection you’ll be supporting the cause.

Target Pair Of Thieves

Target has a nice selection of Pair of Thieves socks and underwear. You can head to your closest Target store to check out Pair of Thieves in person. Otherwise, go to and browse the latest collection from Pair of Thieves. Pro Tip – take a look at the clearance section at Target for amazing deals on socks, underwear, and undershirts.

Pair Of Thieves Amazon

If you’re one of those people that prefers to shop on Amazon, then it’s worth checking out what’s in stock on The brand carries a huge range of items on their Amazon page. In fact, some of the 3-packs and 5-packs of socks and undershirts are exclusive to Amazon. Most Pair of Thieves products have over 100+ positive reviews. Read up on those Amazon reviews if you are still not sure about what to buy from Pair of Thieves.

Pair of Thieves Sale at

Pair Of Thieves Sale

Pair of Thieves has a sale section full of all sorts of good stuff. Grab a Pair of Thieves Undershirt at a deeply discounted price. They also drop mad discounts on Black Friday, so we highly recommend adding that to your shopping calendar.

Who Is The Pair Of Thieves Founder?

Pair of Thieves was founded by a trio of cool dudes back in 2014. Alan Stuart, Cash Warren, and David Ehrenberg started the company as a sock subscription.

Where To Buy Pair Of Thieves Underwear?

You can purchase Pair of Thieves underwear online at,, and, as well as in store at Target locations.

Where Is Pair Of Thieves Made?

Most Pair of Thieves garments are made in China. The brand headquarters are located in Culver City, California.

How To Wash Pair Of Thieves Underwear?

The best method is to hand wash and then let them air dry. You can also machine wash with warm water using the delicate setting. Tumble dry using the low setting.

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