We all know Pharrell Williams has a vast set of interests. The diversity of things associated with Pharrell include fashion, music, design, skateboarding, and even astronauts. Pharrell has signed up with Quarterly Co. to be one of their contributors. The first Quarterly from Pharrell included the book The Alchemist and sheet music for the i am OTHER theme song. It also included a signed plant photo, along with a subscription to brain boosting website Lumosity. Each Quartely will have a unique hashtag to follow online (eg. #IAO01).

The N.E.R.D front man describes what you can look forward to from his Quarterlies:

“The theme of my Quarterly mailings is curiosity. I think it’s important to live each day like a student. Learn new things, exercise my mind and devour culture like an archaeologist. Whether it’s a book or something I just think is cool, every item I send has inspired me to feed my curiosity.”

You can register for future quarterlies online here. Each shipment of by Pharrell x Quarterly Co. costs $50.

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