Sneakersnstuff recently collaborated with PUMA to release three new versions of the PUMA Suede silhouette. Sneakersnstuff incorporated fabrics from Swedish design collective 10-gruppen into the design. The sneakers were created with quality in mind, so Sneakersnstuff utilized PUMA’s factory in Japan for production.

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15 years. Some might say we are dinosaurs in the game. And yes, we are proud to have been here since the late 90’s. We at Sneakersnstuff are thrilled to have been a part of the evolution of the sneaker business. An evolution that has taken us from that small store, in the back streets of southern Stockholm, to now be able to work with the brands that we, in a way, have always idolized. To be able to affect the brands on what they should and should not do. To be able to share un-modest visions. To be able to open up stores in London, and look for new opportunities in other big cities across the world.

But sometimes it’s nice to put things in a little perspective. So we started to look around us. On things outside our own little world. On things that has inspired us to look outside the comfort of our own market. On people that has inspired us to dare to approach things differently. And on businesses that has been around way longer than we have.

In 1970, Swedish design was minimalistic and known for subtle patterns. But there were designers that wanted to break out of that mold. But individually they always got rejected, as their work was looked upon as provocative and extremely uncommercial. So a group of 10 Swedish designers came together and formed their own company to be able to control the whole process, from design to production to sale. It quickly became a great success, and 10-gruppen has been a part of the Swedish design evolution ever since. 10-gruppen has a huge part in changing the norm of Scandinavian design. And after almost 45 years, the design collective is still as relevant as they have ever been. 10-gruppen is now consisting of three of the original founders, Birgitta Hahn, Tom Hedqvist and Ingela Håkansson-Lamm, and is still creating new patterns and have been very good of re-branding themselves over the years. Finding new ways to introduce themselves to new customers, and a younger audience.

The Sneakersnstuff x 10-gruppen x PUMA Suede is our tribute to 10-gruppens legacy. As sneaker nerds, we knew that we would have to treat this collaboration extremely gently and approach this project with the all respect it deserves. So we asked PUMA if we would be able to work with their factory in Japan. A factory that is well know for its perfection and precision. We knew that they would treat the 10-gruppen fabrics that we had picked out, with outmost care. And that they would deliver product that is rich in detail and outstanding in quality. Something that is just as much a tribute to those who came before us, as it is a birthday gift to ourselves. We are very proud to present PUMA Tom, PUMA Birgitta and PUMA Ingela. Made in Japan, with fabric designed in Sweden.

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