The brainchild of Hitoshi Tsujimoto, The Real McCoy’s was the product of Mr Tsujimoto’s transition from vintage collector and dealer, to designer, recreating some of the classic military styles from his collection.

Backed by a core team of Japanese master craftsmen, The Real McCoy’s recreate the uninhibited, rational and innovative clothing of America in the 1940s and 1950s with an astonishing level of detail, focusing on American military apparel.

With a rich and varied pool of inspiration to draw from, overlooked details from Military history are given the recognition they deserve, from classic camouflage design, to forgotten graphics and ingenious pieces of functional design.

Serving as a fitting vehicle for this ode to a bygone era, each TRM piece is executed to the highest standard, from jersey tees constructed on traditional loop-wheeling machines, to heavy duty herringbone canvas and meticulously sourced hardware.

The Real McCoy’s is available now at


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