Reebok released the first retro version of the Shaqnosis sneaker earlier on in 2013. We have seen a few new versions of the Shaqnosis since the OG Black and White sneaker. Reebok has released the Shaqnosis ‘Steel’, which comes with inspiration from the classic 1-star film Steel. The Shaqnosis ‘Orlando’ is based on Shaq’s days with the Magic. The Shaqnosis ‘Heat’ plays off Shaq’s time with the other Florida team. Last but not least, the Shaqnosis ‘Barracks’ pays homage to the Big Diesel’s upbringing on an army base.

Look for the Reebok Shaqnosis sneakers online at for $114.98 retail. The latest version of the Shaq Attaq sneakers drops on August 30th. Due to the limited release numbers, look for the Shaq Attaqs online at eBay.

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