RYU Clothing was originally created by a group of friends designing a pair of performance martial arts shorts. The brand grew to include sustainable performance sportswear for all athletes. RYU stands for Respect Your Universe, and this message has become the main principle behind the brand itself.

RYU Clothing is a high performance product line that use specialized fabrics with patent-pending design innovations. RYU Air Weave fabrics are designed to include breathable, quick drying, cooling benefits that help absorb sweat, diffuse it and dry quickly. RYU Fire Weave fabrics keep you warm and comfortable in cold weather. RYU Wind Weave fabrics resist wind, rain and everything else the elements throw at you. RYU Terra Weave fabrics are created from a blend of renewable resources as well as organic and recycled materials.

RYU Clothing is available online at shop.ryu.com.

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