Sneakersnstuff and New Era loves Flippin’ Burgers!

Together with New Era and the Stockholm based hamburger joint Flippin’ Burgers, Sneakersnstuff have worked on a pack of three snapbacks to celebrate the mutual love for burgers, caps and sneakers.

Sneakersnstuff like burgers… No wait, that’s an understatement: they love burgers! Whenever the Sneakersnstuff crew is travelling around the globe they try to find the best burger joints in the cities. But to be true, they don’t have to look that far away. They have one of the best spots in Stockholm – Flippin’ Burgers. They go there as much as they can and they’ve become quite good friends with the guys working there so the idea came up to do a collaboration with them.

Up came the proposal that they should do something wearable that the guys over at Flippin’ could wear at the restaurant, so they contacted New Era and the kings of caps thought it was a very good idea for a collaboration. For Sneakersnstuff three of the pillars of American street culture are sneakers, caps and of course burgers. So it made perfect sense to have them come together like cheese, patty and bun.

The Sneakersnstuff x Flippin’ Burgers x New Era ‘Sneakersnburgers’ pack consist of three snapbacks: two with the classic Flippin’ Burgers logo and one that plays with the names of the two companies. Sneakersnstuff + Flippin’ Burgers = Sneakersnburgers. Easy! All caps are triple branded and comes in limited numbers.

The Sneakersnstuff x Flippin’ Burgers x New Era ‘Sneakersnburgers’ pack is available now online at Also for this release Sneakersnstuff have produced two t-shirts and a hoodie to match with the caps.

Sneakersnstuff Flippin' Burgers New Era

And by the way, to spice it up a bit Sneakersnstuff have also been given the opportunity to make their own hamburger that will be served as the ‘Burger of the month’ in June at Flippin’ Burgers. The ”Sneakersnstuff Burger” is DELICIOUS and contains chili mayo, shoestring fries, and a fantastic local cheddar cheese. Better fly over to Stockholm this summer! Get a closer look at the burger in the video below:

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