When Erik and Peter started Sneakersnstuff back in the late 90’s they used to go to New York and search the city for sneakers that you couldn’t find in Europe. Sneakers that they could bring back to Sweden and sell in their store. They walked around Midtown, Brooklyn, Harlem – yeah they were all over the city just looking for good shoes.

There are two things that was always with them during these trips – their big black duffel bags that they used to carry home the sneakers and their passports. These items are also the inspiration behind the shoes in the PUMA ”Adventurer Pack”.


The Sneakersnstuff x PUMA XT2+ ”Erik” is inspired by the old Swedish Passport. Premium navy leather upper details as well as the lining is from the cover of the passport. The soft leather turquoise combined with turquoise premium suede takes it inspiration from the passport pages that is also represented on the light yellow midsole. The numbers on the right shoe is the birthdate of Erik and the numbers on the back of the left shoe is Erik’s old passport number. On the leather lace locks you see the star that they used to punch through the passport to make it void. Old passport stamps covers the innersoles and there are even a few more details to be found on the Sneakersnstuff x PUMA XT2+ ”Erik” that makes them very personal.


The Sneakersnstuff x PUMA XS850 ”Peter” is inspired by the black duffel bags we used to carry home our sneakers in from New York. The bag is made in a thick ballistic nylon upper with premium suede details and a super soft leather lining. The quality of these sneakers really stands out. Tonal black details on the whole upper. To make them a little bit more personal Peter put his name on the sticker on the insole and his initials on the heel tabs.

One week ahead of the release of the pack Erik and Peter returned to the city where it all started. They felt it was time to give back to New York. So they brought a couple of pairs of their shoes from the ”Adventurer Pack” and announced locations on Instagram where they would give away the shoes. Check out the movie to see how it all turned out!

The Sneakersnstuff x PUMA ”Adventurer Pack” will be available at online at Sneakersnstuff.com on September 26th.

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