Expertly crafted and awash with functional minimalist details, S.N.S. Herning has been a hit with a broad spectrum of people ranging from trawlermen to streetwear connoisseurs alike.

The Danish brand consistently looks to their almost 85 year heritage to produce finely manufactured classic crews and celebrated cardigans all constructed with their trademark heavy gauge ‘bobble’ knit.

SNS’s distinctive ‘bobble’ technique was developed by company founder Søren Nielsen Skyt, with the geometric pattern created increasing the insulating abilities of garments. Relying on these techniques, he began manufacturing the so-called Fisherman sweater, which was intended to protect its wearer from the rough weather at sea, and to be robust enough to withstand the wear and tear from the hard work.

Now a staple piece of every S.N.S. Herning colleciton, the Fisherman is a part of a series of robust yet luxuriously comfortable knitwear pieces that are still overseen and manufactured in the brand’s headquarters located in Herning, Denmark. Each piece from their collection relates to the original Fisherman sweat in terms of functionality, aesthetic, underlying technique, and texture.

The latest timely drop features the classic Fisherman Crew and Stark Cardigan in a phalanx of hues as well as some carefully crafted accessories that emulate the mainline collection with their strong insulating properties and refined look.


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