The Instagram space is growing bigger and bigger each day. Currently, it commands more than a billion active members every month. It has more than a billion accounts, 90 percent of which follow more than one business. This implies that the platform provides more opportunities for businesses that want to use it to market their brand. Moreover, unlike other platforms that don’t emphasize images, Instagram makes use of a visual platform and so it is likely to bring more business and success than any other social media.

So what are the tips that will make your endeavor to market your products on Instagram a success?

1. Setting up a business profile

A business account is better placed in marketing a brand than a personal account. So if you are using a personal account to market your brand, you will need to switch to a business account. Go to the settings and select the switch to a professional account option. Once you are there, you will have access to Instagram insight including the analytics dashboard.  You get a chance to see your web clicks, impressions, and engagement. Also, you will have access to information on how the audience interacts with your page.

It makes your work easier and will allow you to promote your ads and posts on the Instagram page.

2. Optimize the profile page

You have a maximum of 30 characters and a few lines for the bio. It means that you must optimize the space to tell your audience about your business and what it does. Also, you must carefully choose your business category, write your bio, and have your link featured. If you own multiple links, you will need to make use of services like campsite and Linktree, which allow you to direct your audience to a separate page that features all the links.

3. Decide the right time to release the posts

 How effective your posts are will depend on your location and the targeted market.  Knowing when your audience view and read posts on Instagram is important. It will help you publish the posts when they have the time to read and watch the images. If you can narrow it down to the day when your Instagram page enjoys the most viewership, it will be much better for your business visibility. Study your business insight and determine the right time to release your posts.

4. Work with influencer

If you want to succeed on Instagram, it may be necessary to work with influencers.  These are brand ambassadors that share ideas about a brand and influence their followers to buy it. They play a critical role in helping spread the word about a brand and have their followers buy or recommend the product.

If you can manage to get the service of influencers with a lot of followers, the better for your business.  Comedians that can funnily represent your brand stand a better chance of promoting it.

Of course, there are plenty of tips that can help you get the most from Instagram. But setting up and optimizing your profile will help you get better results. Also, choose influencers that appeal to your targeted audience. Visit the Bumped to learn more.

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