HYPEBEAST was founded back in 2005 by Kevin Ma as a blog covering streetwear culture. The site has grown immensely since then, which led to the opening of the HYPEBEAST Store in late 2012. The HYPEBEAST Store offers a great selection of well-known streetwear brands, along with a few up and coming independent brands. The store started off with around 10-20 brands, but they now showcase over 100 brands. Look exclusive products and collaborations as well at the HYPEBEAST Store.

Here’s our list of the Top 10 items at the HYPEBEAST Store for Summer 2014:

1. Acapulco Gold Navy Pinot Noir Baseball Jersey – $148 at the HYPEBEAST Store

Acapulco Gold is a streetwear brand from New York City. The brand is well respected in both the hiphop and skateboarding scenes. Acapulco Gold gives their own unique flavor to the classic summer baseball jersey by playing off the wine varietal theme. The jersey is available in a pinot noir and cabernet version.


2. Raf Simons x Fred Perry White Embroidered Floral Tape Shirt – $167 at the HYPEBEAST Store

Fred Perry was a legendary British tennis player back in the 1930s. He is arguably more famous for his clothing label, than his great tennis career. Belgian designer Raf Simons was enlisted to help bring high-fashion to the laurel wreath. The floral tape shirt definitely blends together modern fashion with the classic Fred Perry polo.


3. Stussy Black Island Flower Mesh Tank Top – $50 at the HYPEBEAST Store

Stussy is one of the original streetwear brands out of California. Surfing, hip-hop, streetwear, and skateboarding are all represented through the Stussy brand. This floral tank top is perfect for the summer time.



4. 10 DEEP Maps International Hoodie – $104 at the HYPEBEAST Store

10 Deep is a New York-based streetwear brand that was established way back in 1995. The brand is well known for its unique style that separates 10 Deep from the rest. The 10 Deep Maps International Hoodies takes a vintage colonial map and creates an all-over print hoodie. Simple, unique and fresh!



5. MCQ by Alexander McQueen Royal Blue Video Game Knit Jumper – $488 at the HYPEBEAST Store

MCQ by Alexander McQueen is a contemporary fashion label. The nostalgic retro gaming theme from the Atari days is well represented in this knit jumper.




6. Design Rehab Cig 9 Pencils Set – $12 at the HYPEBEAST Store

Design Rehab creates a tongue-in-cheek product of cigarettes as pencils. They look great and would be a cool addition to any workspace.




7. ZANEROBE Knit Denim Slapshot Joggers – $119 at the HYPEBEAST Store

A lot of different brands have tried to create their version of joggers. ZANEROBE still has the best joggers out now, despite all the competitors. The Australian label has mastered joggers by creating great styles along with the perfect fit.



8. CASH CA x immun. Navy Border 40L Backpack – $460 at the HYPEBEAST Store

CASH CA is a UK-based luxury streetwear label. The brand recently enlisted Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi to add his personal style to their collections. This collaboration between CASH CA and immun. gives us a high-quality backpack with a classic design.


9. Aloye x WONG WONG Brazil Color Blocked T-Shirt – $76 at the HYPEBEAST Store

Aloye teams up with WONG WONG to create this capsule collection of World Cup inspired tees. This collaboration left us with a selection of fresh tees to celebrate the beautiful game.

aloye x wong wong brazil

10. Marcelo Burlon Black The King LTD Tee – $218 at the HYPEBEAST Store

Italian designer, Marcelo Burlon, creates a bold design for this tee. LeBron James has been spotted wearing Marcelo Burlon lately. If King James is a fan of the Marcelo Burlon King LTD tee, then it must be worth checking out.

marcelo burlon king tee










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