With a plan to create a disruptive new breed of minimal timepieces to make their indelible mark on the quartz watch industry, company founders Oliver Fowles and Patrick Bek have gone on to establish Uniform Wares as one of the go-to-brands for sophisticated daily timepieces.

The London-based brand continuously push the boundaries of contemporary design to create affordable, credible timepieces that retain a certain elegance whilst having an overriding focus on functionality and durability.

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The focus on a practical, utilitarian approach rose from taking initial inspiration from the classic British factory wall clock; a simplistic, no-frills design which is purely about the functionality and nothing else – timeless.

The latest drop from the beacon of British watchmaking sees the design duo’s stark ethos utilised unwaveringly in tandem with a smattering of classic horological details that run throughout the collection. Unfussily appointed chronographs work seamlessly with muted, tonal details, all of which showcase the use of premium materials, whether it be PVD and rose gold cases through to finely crafted Italian leather straps.

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This use of premium materials is by no means a counter balance to dim down the watch’s unparalleled functionality, more an overarching symbolism to create the best possible product, defined solely by the use of impeccable Swiss mechanisms found within every Uniform Wares timepiece.

Look for Uniform Wares online now at EndClothing.co.uk.

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